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Silvio is an IT professional who has seen the birth of the PC in our offices and homes and watched the evolution of the personal computing industry unfold with all its advantages. Equally significant are the disadvantages to workflow when things go wrong. These can be remedied with some intellligent assessment and a well informed solution. The ideal solution is to build in reliability in the first place. 

Silvio and the MM2 team have devised a formula for building and assessing systems for absolute reliability and therefore making zero downtime possible. They been building reliable quality Workstations and Networks and providing business and personal computing needs for decades. MM2 has on road technicians to repair or service your needs on site at your office. Better still, mm2 can assess your needs to build a system that works all the time.

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Here's what people say about their experience with mm2.  Silvio & his team are excellent technicians with personable skills to bring you up to speed in plain speak.

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