You can call, email, what's app or leave a message on our facebook page and we will get back to you. 

Send us an email at silvio@mm2.com.au and will contact you within 24 hours.

If its more urgent then please call Silvio on 0411 714 099.

We will come and assess your system for one half hour for a nominal fee of $80.00 which comes of the price of work done should you go forward with some maintenance, new builds or inf fact designing a new system for you.

health check    $80

first works        $140 - 80 = 60

Zero downtime is a goal. Any system should be reliable. Our aim is to make it reliable 100% of the time. It has no down time. Zero downtime.


Find answers to your frequently asked questions. If you have an issue you may just find the answer here. If not contact our Customer Support Team. 


Here's what people say about their experience with mm2.  Silvio & his team are excellent technicians with personable skills to bring you up to speed in plain speak.

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We have provided access to a variety of imporant files which can be directly downloaded. 

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