A bit about Networks
mm2 employ only expert Network and Systems Engineers to design, develop, deploy and maintain Business Network Systems, including LAN, WAN and VPN configurations.

End to End Solution
mm2 designs, builds and maintains IT Infrastructure from the ground up, based on your business requirements. Being Vendor independant, we can give un-biased insights into the products and brands that will best suit your needs.

Rapid Response
mm2 has relationships with an array of reliable suppliers. We can receive components on demand and implement them within an extremely short time frame.

All Infrastructure designed by mm2 is designed with scalability built in. Your business will grow, and your infrastructure needs to grow with it. If your infrastructure is already designed, we can analyse and scale up where appropriate

mm2 can support all IT infrastructure platforms as well as custom industry/company based applications. Servicing industries such as Customs, Debt Collection, Real Estate and many more.


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