At the most fundamental level, business is about making connections to build the enterprise we wish to grow. Making sure our people can do their job and be connected to each other, contacts, suppliers and the internet and all the informatuion they require. Security of the business-critical data also plays an important part.
When designing technology to fit your needs, it is our intention that it is reliable. Reliability specific to your unique needs.

MM2 has identified the five major areas to address when designing, building or modifying a system. We call it the formula for zero downtime.
People. Does the current systems work for you the way it should?
Communication. Can you speak or write in the ways you need to?
Connectivity. Does everything connect when it should and stay connected?
Security. Are your firewalls, backups and recovery plans solid?
Reliability. Can you rely on your system all the time?

Only once each of these are addressed; you can eradicate down time. A well designed and maintained system is a reliable system.

Contact us so we can book in a health check of your set up and head you towards zero downtime.



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